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guitar and amplifier Below is a list of leading guitar amplifier manufacturers.  Browse these websites to find amps for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.  Whether you need specifications and photos, or are simply looking for a local guitar shop, these guitar amp manufacturer websites feature a wealth of information about amps, reverbs, effects, and guitar accessories.
  • Ampeg
    Manufactures a series of professional, innovative, and feature laden amplifiers.
  • Line 6
    This guitar amp supplier offers a comprehensive line of digital modeling guitar amplifiers.
  • Marshall
    Leading manufacturer of guitar amps offers a broad range of models favored by rock musicians.
  • Mesa Boogie
    California-based firm offers a broad selection of guitar amps, bass amps, and accessories.
  • Allesandro Amplifiers
    Features high-end guitar amplifiers that provide harmonically rich sonic experiences.
  • Allen Amplification
    Offers vintage, all-tube hand-wired guitar combo amplifiers or amplifier heads and matching speaker cabinets.
  • Bad Cat Amps
    This California-based firm offers a line of Class A, tube guitar amplifiers.
  • Dr. Z Amplification
    Offers a selection of professional quality hand-built amps at competitive prices.
  • Fargen Amplification
    Offers a series of hand crafted, tube guitar amplifiers.
  • Guitar Amps by Hughes & Kettner
    Features affordable, easy-to-play solid state amps for beginners and guitarists who just want to have some fun; sophisticated, all-digital modeling amps offering authenticity and effects; and all-tube amps with highly-defined tone qualities.
  • Kendrick Amplifiers
    Texas-based firm offers a great selection of hand-built amps, guitars and accessories.
  • Kustom Products
    Offers a comprehensive selection of amplifiers and P.A. equipment. Find acoustic guitar amps, bass amps, and multi-purpose amps.
  • Soldano Amplification
    Features versatile all-tube guitar amps with innovative design, timeless styling and quality tone characteristics.
  • Roland Guitar & Bass Amplifiers
    Leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments features guitar and bass amplifiers, effects, and accessories.
  • Vox Amplification
    Offers legendary guitar amplifiers featuring great tone and versatility.
  • Orange Amps
    UK-based firm features orange amplifiers with fresh, innovative designs.

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